Kym Durham is a second-generation psychic and evidential medium who possesses the unique ability to connect with those who have crossed over.  Her warm, witty, and candid personality have people from all over the physical and spiritual world reaching out to her. Kym also can be found working with law enforcement agencies, describing crime scenes, helping to locate missing persons, and recovering lost or stolen assets.

Kym is blessed to have inherited her extrasensory gifts from her mother, Joan Friel Durham.  Joan was a renowned New Jersey psychic medium, who worked with law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad.  She helped assist in solving over 240 murder and missing persons cases in her lifetime. Joan began their family business, Psychic Studies & Investigations (PSI), in 1972. Kym is proud to be able to continue the family business, which is now in its 50th year!

At age 4, Kym began describing angels in her room.  These same energies had come to communicate with her mother at her home office.  At age 9, Kym began to display her psychic ability by warning her father about a dog running in front of their car, which happened a half hour later.  At age 11, Kym began seeing healing energy on people who had just undergone surgery.  Upon realizing her daughter’s gift, Joan began mentoring Kym to develop her psychic and mediumship abilities further.

Kym later became a perioperative nurse and uses her knowledge of anatomy and physiology as a medical intuitive. Kym continues to study with world renowned mediums to take her inherited gift to the highest level. Kym’s extraordinary abilities have been featured internationally in numerous print and media outlets!