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Welcome to Kym Durham Psychic Medium

Just as some people have natural talents—like mathematical aptitude or athletic ability—that help them to function in the physical world, Kym is blessed with innate gifts that enable her to navigate the supernatural world. A second-generation psychic, Kym uses her unique extrasensory gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance to give advice, offer comfort, and bring closure to individuals as well as business clients. More about Kym

Kym Durham Services

If you would like to request an appointment or have questions please use the contact form to reach Kym Durham.

Here is a list of services you may want to refer to when requesting information or an appointment.

  • Private Readings
  • Phone Readings
  • Group Readings
  • Live Events
  • Spirit Circles
  • Classes/Workshops

Email us at or call 856-848-4580 for an appointment