About Kym

Kym Durham is a warm, witty second-generation psychic medium who has extraordinary talents and abilities that reach well beyond the confines of the physical world. As a psychic medium who is clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient, she has the unique ability to see, hear, and feel individuals who have crossed over. Through these abilities she is able to give detailed information about how individuals have “earned their wings” and deliver messages to their loved ones here in the physical world.

Kym is a second-generation psychic medium blessed to have inherited her extrasensory gifts from her mother, Joan Friel Durham, a renowned New Jersey psychic medium. Joan worked with law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad to assist in solving murder and missing persons cases. She began their family business, Psychic Studies & Investigations (PSI) in 1972.Kym spent several years as an Orthopedic Operating Room Nurse, before taking over the family business. She feels that her experiences as a nurse has made her a better medium, and has allowed the “angels in the outfield” to tap into her nursing background in order to share medically relevant information about themselves, give details about how they crossed over, and share health related messages about their loved ones.

In 2007, Kym hung up her stethoscope and dedicated herself full-time to the family business her mother began over 40 years ago. Today, Kym showcases her amazing abilities across a multitude of platforms. From assisting families and law enforcement agencies nation wide by describing crime scenes, working on missing person cases, locating lost animals, and recovering assets in multi million-dollar robberies; to being the resident medium for a grief support group comprised of parents who have tragically lost a child. Kym uses her abilities to help others and provides peace and comfort to those in need. In addition, she conducts private readings, mediumship and spirit circles, home galleries, group readings, energy cleanses, hosts live events, and conducts paranormal investigations.

For more information visit www.KymDurham.com or look for her on her Facebook (Kym Durham Psychic Medium), Twitter (@KymDurhamMedium), and her YouTube Channel (Kym Durham Psychic Medium).