Phone Readings

Phone/Skype Readings are done over the phone in 30 minute sessions. Your session can be either Psychic OR Mediumship – your session must be confirmed prior to booking. Before the session, Kym allows you to send photos pertaining to the reading.  1 photo must be of yourself and the other 2 can be of people who are living or who have crossed over, or places or things about which you have questions.  For this type of reading it is helpful to have specific questions prepared ahead of time that focus on a certain area of life, i.e. family, health, career, relationships, etc. (you do not need to send these to Kym).  Kym will discuss things that she hears, sees, and feels during the phone reading.  She will also utilize the photos in order to address any specific questions, or to communicate with those who have crossed over.

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