Preparing for a Private Reading at Kym’s Office

Before the Reading

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Be prepared with photos (up to 3) and anything else Kym may have asked you to bring.

Try to approach the reading with a clear and open mind. You may want to have pen/paper ready to write things down, and a recording device to record the session.

Before the session begins Kym will speak briefly about what to expect during the reading, share some background information, and clarify any questions about the session.

During the Reading

It is important to keep a calm and open mind. Not all spirit is ready to step forward, and they may allow another energy to come through and give a message. The more open minded you are the easier it is to connect. When connecting with Spirit, there are three ways in which Kym receives messages. She sees things, clairvoyant, hears things clairaudient, and feels things clairsentient. She will communicate messages to you based on how she receives the information.

During a reading, it is acceptable to validate information you are receiving, and ask questions, but do not give too much information regarding a specific person or situation. It is important to understand that messages you receive may not make sense in that moment, but may be clear after the reading (sometimes days later). Taking notes and writing down specific questions may be necessary to help you process things that are communicated during the reading.

After the Reading

Information may come quickly during the readings, and is sometimes difficult to process. After the reading, you may want to review your notes and listen to the session (if you have it recorded). This may help clarify questions or provide deeper understanding of the messages received. It is also nice to be able to quietly reflect on the session and to thank spirit for stepping forward to share messages.

Kym does not carry a connection with spirits or loved ones who step forward during readings. After sessions have concluded she does not retain the information she has channeled from spirit and is not able to answer follow up questions. Kym explains: “If I carry your joys, I have to carry your sorrows as well, and as a conduit I carry neither, which is why I cannot answer any follow up questions after the session has ended.”