Preparing for a Group Session

Before the Group Session

  • Please have participants arrive at Kym’s office at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Kym will start on time whether or not all participants have arrived. However, if a choice is made to wait for late participants, the time will be taken from the session.
  • All participants must be directly related for a Mediumship Circle Only.
  • Each participant may bring one photo with one person in it and/or small metal objects
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes
  • Set up voice (only) recorder if you will be recording the session (and notify Kym)
  • Silence cell phones and any other devices

During the Group Session

  • This is the time to relax and have an open mind
  • Participants may record audio only (no video) on their phones. Please put phones in airplane mode. Kym reserves the right not to allow recording if they cause a distraction or interrupt the mediumship session. *Please note, that recordings do not always turn out due to the increased energy activity so it is highly recommended that guests also have a pen and paper to take notes
  • It is important to remember that this may be a sensitive and emotional experience for some participants. Kym asks that you are respectful and conscientious of all participants
  • It is more than acceptable to acknowledge and validate messages that are delivered through Kym’s mediumship, however, please do not give detailed information about individuals who have crossed
  • Kym will let you know when she is ready to receive questions

After the Group Session

  • There is no guarantee that everyone will have an opportunity to connect with a specific person who has crossed. However, it is likely that each individual will take away something memorable from the session
  • After the session, it is helpful to review notes. It is also nice to be able to quietly reflect on the session and to thank any spirits for stepping forward to share messages

Kym does not carry a connection with spirits or loved ones who step forward during readings. After sessions have concluded she does not retain the information she has channeled from spirit and is not able to answer follow up questions. Kym explains: “If I carry your joys, I have to carry your sorrows as well, and as a conduit I carry neither, which is why I cannot answer any follow up questions after the session has ended.”