Kym Durham


Kym is the daughter of Joan Friel Durham, a renowned New Jersey psychic who assisted police departments throughout the country in investigating homicides, robberies, and missing person cases. Kym believes that she inherited her extraordinary extrasensory gifts from her mother.

As early as age 4, Kym displayed an uncanny ability to connect with the spirit world. With the support and guidance of her mother, Kym began to look beyond the physical realm and into her mind’s eye.

By age 8, Kym was assisting her mother on psychic investigations by using psychometry—the ability to obtain information about an individual by touching his or her possessions.

When Kym was 11 years old, she worked with her mother and Hal Fillinger, a nationally recognized forensic pathologist and founding member of the Vidquot Society, to help identify human remains in cold police cases.

At age 14, Kym was doing psychic readings over the telephone during her mother’s radio shows.

As Kym grew into adulthood, she continued to collaborate with her mother, utilizing her unique gifts to help others. In 1996, Kym became a nurse—but still employed her psychic talents to complement her medical knowledge. And, while she greatly enjoyed her nursing career, Kym never stopped working with her mother.

Then, when her mother, Joan, passed, Kym decided to dedicate herself full-time to helping others through her psychic medium talents.

Kym uses her 40 years of experience as a psychic medium along with her medical background in her private readings, groups and lectures.