Joan Friel Durham

joanAs a renowned New Jersey psychic, Kym’s mother, Joan, often used her skills to assist law enforcement professionals. She also offered spiritual consultations to business and industry pros in the US and abroad. As a result of her extraordinary work, she was rated one of the Top 100 psychics in America.

On April 21, 2010, Joan “earned her wings” and departed this life for the next.

Joan’s achievements include:

  • Resident psychic on “AM Philadelphia” (TV show)
  • “Ask the Experts” in Courier-Post newspaper
  • Astrologically Yours – co-hostess, cable
  • Dial A Psychic – radio program
  • Beyond the Norm – radio program

A note about Joan from her daughter:

I count myself so very blessed to be able to say that Joan Durham was my mother. She was an amazing person who used her incredible gifts to help so very many people. Joan assisted the police in solving murders and brought closure to victims’ families. She utilized her talents in the corporate world, guiding several companies toward greater wealth and prosperity. Joan was always her warm and witty self— whether she was dining with Henry Ford III at his estate or just having a cup of coffee at the local diner. In this life, she traveled to four continents and twelve countries—all while using her God-given talent. She leaves behind four children, seven grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and a world that is just a little bit better because of her. Mom, I know you’re at that “party” right now, dancing to “Hot Hot Hot.”